We care for you


Cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical impulses in the heart become chaotic.

This condition can lead to ventricular fibrillation – a life-threatening condition which can lead to the heart ceasing to pump blood.

This in turn means that the brain and organs are not provided with oxygen.

A cardiac arrest can happen to people of any age, however, the risk is higher the older the person. In half of all cases cardiac arrest occurs without warning, like a bolt from the blue.

Approximately 5,000 Danes suffer a cardiac arrest every year. Only a small proportion survive as help often comes too late.


We concern ourselves with your wellbeing

In order to increase safety at our campsite we have acquired a defibrillator which is at the reception.

(Danish Heart Foundation)

If you go to the website of the Danish organization Hjerteforeningen, you can read more about prevention, a healthy way of life and the cooperation which exists between Hjerteforeningen and DK-Camp.