Activities for all

Aktiviteter for alle på djursland

Quality time with the family

Relax and enjoy yourself with your family on a Djursland campsite which lies perfectly near the coast and by beautiful nature.

This wonderful location by coast and woodland on Djursland provides great opportunities for activities for the whole family. You can enjoy the child friendly beaches, playing in sand and water, or spend time walking and cycling in the surrounding countryside.

Spending time together is important for Fjelleup Strands Camping and we have lots of activities and arrangements over the summer season to promote that. There is a shared breakfast arrangement that takes place the first weekend of the season and several grill and music arrangements during the season. There is also a late summer party. These arrangements provide opportunities to meet and get to know your fellow campers.

If interested in more activities with fellow campers then there are further arrangements such as exercise bingo, cycling trips and possibly bus trips.

Børnevenlige aktiviteter på djursland

Activities whatever the weather

If the weather is nice, we may light a bonfire and do traditional activities such as making twisted bread on a stick or making smores.

If the weather is less pleasant or you prefer indoor activities, then have a look at the opportunities available in the activity hall such as football. You can read or play board games in the room with a view. There are board games available to borrow in the reception. Or just sit and enjoy the view!

The gaming room where you can play with your friends on the playstation or one of the three computers with free access to the internet. There is also a football table.

During the high season there are even more activities as we have an enthusiastic activity assistant who will arrange daily activities for all to enjoy.

Never a boring holiday!

As you can see there are so many things to do at Fjellerup Strands Camping that there is no time to get bored during your holiday!

Check the activity calendar to see what is available and have a great time!