Motoric skills and activities for everyone

We have two playgrounds on the campsite. They are places where the children can meet and play. Their abilities can be challenged with the big play tower. There are different challenges depending on age. Both playgrounds were updated in 2021.

In front of the main building there is a playground with a small climbing tower and swings for younger children. The playground is enclosed so it is safe for small children.

The other playground is behind the service building and here there is plenty of opportunities for the children to enjoy themselves. There is a 90m2 bouncy pillow to play on with current and new friends. There is also a trampoline. In 2021 an exciting maritime climbing tower was installed allowing for adventures and challenges on the ship. You can also find swings in the playground.

Campingplads med legeplads og hoppepude
Mooncars på legepladsen


At the end of the main building there is a parking area for mooncars. They can be used all over the campsite apart from the tiled area by the service buildings for safety reasons. Please remember to return them to the parking areas so they can be enjoyed by others.