Beach activities


Fjellerup Strands Camping lies on the northern edge of Djursland right next to a child friendly beach. It provides plenty of opportunities for to play in the water and on the beach, Only your imagination defines what you can do! Feel the sand between your toes while you relax in the sun while the children build sandcastles and paddle at the water’s edge.

If you love the sea then you can swim along the coast or bring your snorkel equipment and investigate the bottom of the sea. Due the shallow child friendly coast it is also a great place for ball games in the water.

Aktiviteter ved Fjellerup Strand

SUP Boards

If you enjoy seaside activities, it is possible to explore the coast from a paddle board. It can be a wonderful peaceful experience just off the coast. It is a great way to enjoy the sunset. If you don’t have your won equipment it is possible to rent a SUP board from reception. Remember to ensure that all activities by on the water is done considering your safety. If using SUP boards an inflatable vest is required to be worn by law.

Blue Flags

The beach next to the campsite, Fjellerup Strand, has been awarded a Blue Flag which ensures you can safely enjoy the water knowing that the water quality, security, service and environment is meet all the required levels.

The Danish Outdoor Council runs a Nature Centre at Fjellerup Strand. It is a great place to visit and lets children focus on nature and forget about the digital world for a while.

Coastal Fishing

From Fjellerup Strands Camping it is easy to access some of Denmark’s best coastal fishing. It is possible to catch flounders and sea trout. The North of Djursland lies between the Gudenaa river and Grenaa canals which means many sea trout and salmon pass by every year.

Order fishing permits here.

Fjellerup Bank

The legendary Fjellerup Bank lies close to the campsite. The shallow water here quickly warms up in the spring and sea trout come in to feed. The fishing of sea trout is at its peak in April and May. Hornfish can be found in Danish waters from April to July.

Flounders fishing is excellent just by the campsite. Drop you anker 100-300m from land and you will quickly have a meal.

Sea Trout

It is possible to dig for sandworms at low tide.

Later in the summer season it is the deeper waters like Gjerrild, Karlby and Sangstrup Klinter where the best sea trout fishing can be found.

The long light summer nights are perfect for a good catch.

Remember that only sea trout over 40cm can be landed.

If your fishing has been successful the fish preparation table on the campsite is there for your convenience. It is possible to freeze your catch if you prefer.