Activities in Nature

Aktiviteter i naturen på Djurs


The countryside in Norddjurs is very varied following the impact of the ice age which has created a beautiful landscape. There are open landscapes and other parts with undulating hills providing great variety as you travel through the countryside.

The coast is also very varied with beautiful family friendly beaches, coastal meadows and steep white vertical cliffs.

It’s a great place to enjoy the varied countryside with all its inhabitants.

Naturaktiviteter på djurs

5 Star Nature

If you are a nature lover then Fjellerup Strands Camping is just the place for you. You will be surrounded by beautiful countryside. You can potter, walk or cycle or even run if you prefer. The countryside welcomes you on all levels.

The coast, beach and sea also invites you to enjoy yourself. Bring your kayak or paddle board and enjoy following the coast by water where you can really see the varied coastline. Or you can get the fishing rod out and try your luck along Norddjurs coast, either from a boat or in waders. You may be lucky and bring dinner home.

Experiences in the countryside

If you drive from Fjellerup towards Stenvad at dusk you can sometimes by lucky enough to experience flocks of deer or to see the herons in the fields. At Karlby and Sangstrup Klint you can find evidence of prehistoric times. Among the large quantities of flint you can occasionally find fossils such as fossilised sea urchins.

There are plenty of wonderful experiences in the Danish countryside awaiting you just outside the campsite starting with a beautiful sunrise through to a lovely sunset.